Carolyn Nguyen receives 2017 graduate student scholarship

Ms. Carolyn Nguyen, currently a first-year graduate student in the MA SLP program, and long-time member of the UAD lab, was selected to receive a 2017 Graduate Student Scholarship through […]

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UAD co-founder Dr. Michelle Troche named ‘Outstanding young alumni’

Dr. Michelle Troche, assistant professor in Biobehavioral Sciences at Teacher’s College, Columbia University, has been named as one of the college’s outstanding young alumni, 2017.  Along with Dr. Hegland, Dr. […]

UAD Student Blog: Fall 2017

Graduate students in Dr. Hegland’s Motor Speech Disorders class will once again be providing weekly blog posts for the UAD website.  This task, which counts towards their grade in the […]

Medical SLP grand rounds kick-off: Fall 2016

Today Dr. Ianessa Humbert gave the first medical SLP grand rounds talk for the Fall 2016 semester. Dr. Humbert’s talk, entitled “What a swallowologist needs: Educating physicians, nurses, administrators, and other […]

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Dr. Karen Hegland and Ms. Julie Hicks speak at 2016 Parkinson’s Symposium

In May of 2016, UAD directory Dr. Karen Hegland along with clinical collaborator Ms. Julie Hicks (MA, CCC-SLP) were invited to talk at the annual UF Center for Movement Disorders […]

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UAD Mission Statement


The Laboratory for the study of Upper Airway Dysfunction (UAD) is committed to improving clinical outcomes and quality of life in patients with dysphagia and dystussia through research, clinical care, and education.

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The UAD is physically located in the Dental Tower on the Health Science Center Campus.

The data analysis lab is in DG-143

The data collection lab is in D2-63

Lab Tel: (352) 273-3705


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3rd Annual Florida Psycholinguistics Meeting

On October 21, 2017, the 3rd Annual Florida Psycholinguistics Meeting was held at UF.  At least 70 faculty members and students from all over the state of Florida, from Tallahassee […]

I have aphasia: Now what?

Can you define aphasia? For many individuals who receive this diagnosis it is a foreign and confusing word. In fact, for someone with aphasia, many words are challenging. Aphasia is an...

UAD student blog

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SpeechVive: Improving the Voices of Individuals with Parkinson’s Disease

By Carson Fisher & Veerley Mejia Hernandez Parkinson’s disease is a chronic and progressive movement disorder of the central nervous system that is due to low levels of the neurotransmitter […]

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“Sorry, I Didn’t Get That!” Problems in Voice-Recognition Technology for Speakers with Dysarthria

By Carly Gurick and Carolyn Nguyen Over the past decade, communication technology has grown by leaps and bounds—from messaging through a simple keypad, typing through an on-screen keyboard, and now […]

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A Voice Heard: Micah Fowler’s JJ DiMeo on “Speechless”

Speechless has resonated with viewers across the board not only because of its lighthearted approach and comedic timing, but also because of the show’s depth and desire to familiarize its […]


A Speech-Language Pathologist’s Contribution to Localizing and Diagnosing Neurologic Disease

By: Michelle Saade & Lindsey Norton An SLP’s Role in a Neurologic Diagnosis While many Speech-Language Pathologists (SLP) see patients who have already received a diagnosis, an SLP may actually be […]