UAD Faculty present at Fall Voice Conference in NYC

Published: November 20th, 2012

Category: national presentations

Dr.’s Hegland and Troche presented their research on airway protective mechanisms at the Fall Voice Conference in NYC this past October.  SLHS Chair, Dr. Christine Sapienza was a session moderator and faculty alum, Dr. Rahul Shrivastav presented on voice outcomes.

The UADs work was well-received and the University of Florida SLHS department had a strong presence at the conference.

Hegland, K.W., Troche, M.S., & Davenport, P.W. Relationship between total expired air, peak airflow, and cough number in down-regulated reflex cough.

Troche, M.S., Hegland, K.W., & Johnson, A.C. Cough function pre/post DBS in Parkinson’s disease: a case series.

Dr’s Sapienza, Troche and Hegland at the Fall Voice Conference in NYC.

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