Members of the UAD present at ASHA Convention

Published: November 25th, 2014

Category: national presentations, University and Department news

Several members of the UAD presented at the annual ASHA convention in Orlando, Florida.  The UAD enjoyed meeting with collaborators and learning from clinicians and researchers from around the country who are doing great work.

Members of the UAD following a presentation at the ASHA convention

Members of the UAD following a presentation at the ASHA convention










UAD presentations included:

  1. Troche, M.S., Rosenbek, J.C., Hegland, K.W., Brandimore, A.E., & Parham, K.W. The management of communication deficits in the complex movement disorder patient.
  2. Hegland, K.W., Troche, M.S., & Plowman, E. Dysphagia and other airway protection deficits in neurologic disease: best practices in the evaluation and management of complex patients.
  3. Troche, M.S. Respiratory Muscle Strength Training (RMST): How to get started.
  4. Brandimore, A.E., Troche, M.S, Huber J. & Hegland, K.W. Respiratory kinematics and airflow associated with voluntary and reflex cough in healthy young adults.
  5. Laciuga, H., Troche, M.S., Sapienza, C.S., & Hegland, K.W. Functional outcomes associated with expiratory muscle strength training (EMST).

PPT handouts can be found on the publications and presentations page.  Click here.