SLHS undergraduates learn the brain

Published: January 14th, 2016

Category: Features, University and Department news

Lab 1 group photo

Students enrolled in Dr. Hegland’s Neural Bases of Communication class (SPA 4104) practiced drawing surface neuroanatomy by using swim caps. The idea was presented on a poster entitled Innovative Teaching Activities for Anatomy and Neuroanatomy by Dr. Amy Skinder-Meredith, and was presented at the 2015 ASHA conference. The activity was designed to engage the students in an active learning task that reinforced the course’s content. The students were given a list of both anatomical and functional parts to identify, and worked collaboratively to correctly depict the spatial relationships.  While all groups approached the task differently, most found it best to identify major anatomical landmarks, such as the longitudinal fissure and central sulcus, and then add the labels.  The students were great sports about it, and they demonstrated great collaborative ability and creativity.