Dr. Hegland among experts in Parkinson Foundation Webinar

Published: January 8th, 2018

Category: Features, Local News, national presentations

The Parkinson’s Foundation, in collaboration with in collaboration with the American Congress of Rehabilitation (ACRM), recently developed a professional course entitled “Let’s Talk About Parkinson’s: How Can Speech and Language Pathologists Deliver the Best Care?”  The course, now available online via Parkinson Foundation website (link below), includes 5 modules that span the continuum of care for people with Parkinson’s DiseaseDr. Hegland was honored to be invited to participate as a presenter in the course’s motor speech and swallowing modules.  Other distinguished presenters included Dr. Nina Browner (neurology module), Dr. Leslie Mahler (language/cognition module), Ms. Lori Campbell (patient perspective), Dr. Michelle Ciucci (swallowing module) and Dr. Jessica Huber (speech module).

To view the online course, click here:  Parkinson Foundation SLP online course