The UAD is committed to the timely dissemination of research outcomes and the training of new speech-language clinicians.  Our educational mission is accomplished through courses within the department of Speech, Language, and Hearing Sciences, clinical education of students and healthcare professionals, and education of patients and caregivers through support groups and small forums.


Speech Anatomy and Physiology

This undergraduate level course entails the study of: a) Terms used to reference body structures in relation to each other, b) Organization of the human body, from cells to systems, c) Anatomy and physiology of respiratory, laryngeal, articulatory, and deglutative systems.

Neural Bases of Communication

This introductory course presents fundamental concepts and basic information about the anatomy and physiology of the human nervous system with specific focus on neuroanatomy and processes related to communication and other cognitive-linguistic functions.

Introduction to Speech Disorders

This class will provide an introduction to the nature of various speech disorders and provide a basic understanding of the principles underlying the assessment and treatment of these disorders. The class will cover disorders of articulation/phonology, voice, fluency, and swallowing. Please see course schedule for an overview of topics covered in this class.

Graduate (MA SLP):

Motor Speech Disorders

This graduate level applied clinic focuses on the evaluation and management of persons with speech-language-voice and swallowing problems secondary to neurodegenerative disease; mainly movement disorders. Instruction will focus on identifying the various dyarthrias, apraxia of speech, dysphagia, and cognitive-linguistic deficits often present in persons with movement disorders. In addition to instruction on speech/swallow-specific changes associated with movement disorders, time will be spent learning about the various movement disorders/syndromes themselves.

Graduate Voice Disorders

This graduate level course entails the study of: a) the normal processes of voice production, b) the abnormal processes of voice production, c) the assessment of functional, organic and neurological voice disorders and, d) the treatment of functional, organic and neurological voice disorders.

Movement Disorders Clinical placement (Fall semester: Second year students only)